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A New Albufeira Escape Room Experience.  Challenge Yourself!

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Albufeira Escape Room Experience

Adventure Hunt is an exciting and fun way to explore two of Albufeira´s very different areas – Old Town and The Strip – on foot. Only 20€ per group, including 1 free T-shirt.

Adventure Hunt is similar to escape rooms and treasure hunts. Each puzzle uses items in plain sight, things like murals, statues, buildings and landmarks. It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit to Albufeira or you’re a local, the questions are designed to make you think and pay attention, making Adventure Hunt a fun activity for families, couples and groups.

The Adventure Hunt App helps you navigate between puzzles without simply asking you to follow a dot on a map.  Hints can be used if you need assistance solving any of the puzzles.  The App is available on both Android and iPhone.

The Albufeira Old Town hunt is set in and around the bustling cobblestone square and clifftop promenade, with interesting places to see, things to find and places to explore.


The Strip hunt takes you on a tour of Albufeira’s most vibrant street. Head out during daytime hours for a quieter experience in and around the Strip’s themed bars and shops. If it’s neon lights and a lively nightlife you’re after, then why not get the fun started with one of The Strip hunts?

There are three options available for Old Town and one for The Strip. The Old Town has advanced, standard and family Adventure Hunts consisting of 20–25 clues spread over 2.1–2.2 km. The standard route has fewer cryptic clues than the advanced route, while the family hunt is specifically targeted at children. It takes around two hours to complete all the clues, but of course, you can linger to enjoy the bars, galleries, museums and shops you pass on route.

To ensure that everyone is actively involved, a group size of 2-4 persons is recommended. If your group is larger, we suggest dividing into two different groups.

Challenge yourself and have a great time with friends and family.

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The Albufeira Adventure Hunt is set in the old town of Albufeira. Choose between the standard, family and advanced routes.  You can choose up to 4 T-shirts with your order.

  • You do not need to select a date or time.
  • You can do your Adventure Hunt at any time as the Adventure Hunt App guides you from clue to clue.
  • Your booking confirmation email includes all of the information needed to start your Adventure Hunt!
  • We suggest you install and login to the app before you leave home. You can read through the first few screens and make sure everything is working for you.  The app will direct you to the start of your adventure Hunt.

Albufeira FAQ

Is Adventure Hunt Albufeira an escape room?

Not quite. Some of the puzzles are similar to those you’ll encounter in an escape room but Adventure Hunt involves walking around outside rather than being inside a building. With Adventure Hunt you’ll be exploring the resort you’re in and enjoying the views.

 You’ll find yourself using local features, landmarks, signs and objects to answer a series of clues rather than working towards solving one end puzzle.

Best of all, you can take a break as and when you like – so if you do find yourself passing a café, bar or beach that takes your fancy you can just stop for a while. There is no time limit.



Adventure Hunt Albufeira is perfect for families. In fact, it has a route that is specifically designed for families who enjoy a challenge.

Family hunts are for everyone and the whole group is encouraged to work together to solve the puzzles. All the information you need will be in plain sight – all you need to do is look around your surroundings for the answers to the clues.

Treasure Trails have been really successful with families in the UK. Adventure Hunt differs in that it’s an app-based challenge. If you enjoy one, you will enjoy the other. 


Sorry. You do need to be physically present and on route. This is because the information you need to solve the clues will be something you can only see when you’re ‘on the ground’.

How Hard are the clues?

This is a difficult question because we all see things differently. One person might find a clue really easy, while someone else could spend longer hunting for the answer or need a hint to help them. One thing is certain: you will never be faced with impossible clues. 

For most people, the standard option is ideal. Families with younger children are encouraged to choose the family option. If you’ve done similar puzzle-based hunts before, then choose the advanced option (this is longer with more clues).


The most you can score for each clue is 20 points. If you get an incorrect answer before choosing the right one, you’ll have a few points deducted. You also lose a few points when you use a hint but it’s better than becoming frustrated and giving up.

The important thing is to enjoy all the clues, whether you find them easy or not. Remember, the aim is to work together as a group and have fun.


Challenging other groups is one of the fun ways to join in.  Live scores are available within the Adventure Hunt App. You will be able to see the scores of everyone doing the same hunt as you on the Clue Completed page. If you are doing Adventure Hunt in several groups, let us know and we will provide logins so that all your groups can start at the same time, on different puzzles.


Adventure Hunt isn’t intended to be a replacement for a historical or guided walk of Albufeira; however, you will have the opportunity to explore the vicinity and even wander off route for a while if you spot something which interests you.


The focus is on having fun not learning, but there’s nothing stopping you from reading the interpretation boards or plaques you pass or popping into any historical or cultural buildings along the way.

Adventure Hunt Albufeira Partners

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World In Shop

Visit the World In Shop for the best high-quality souvenirs in Albufeira. We stock the very best in ethical, sustainable and fairly traded products from around the world in our locally run shop in  Old town Albufeira.

Tomorrow magazine lagos

Tomorrow Magazine

Adventure Hunt was featured in the June edition of Tomorrow magazine.  Follow this link to read the article.

Tomorrow magazine is one of the largest English publications in the Algarve.

About Albufeira

Albufeira is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Algarve and it is easy to see why, with so many things to do and different places to stay in Albufeira for all ages and budgets.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy a family holiday then the Old Town of Albufeira is one of the best locations to choose in the local area.

While many of the other areas of Albufeira have been developed to meet the needs of the ever-growing tourism industry, the Old Town retains the charm and traditions that first made it popular with visitors decades ago.

If you are looking to be able to experience cobbled streets, winding alleys, boutique shops and traditional cafes and restaurants then this is the best part of Albufeira for you.

In the summer time it is very busy in this area with live music and entertainment not only in the bars and restaurants, but also out on the streets, while during the festive season you can enjoy the lights and quieter times with family and friends.

The heart of the old town has to be the main square area, the Jardim Público de Albufeira.  Around this square you will find the open air restaurants, cafes and bars where you can take a break after browsing the local shops.

In the old town of Albufeira you can also find many of the historical sites of the local area, including the Sant’Ana Church and the Museum of Sacred Art.

Contact Details

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday, 07:30 – 19:30
The hours listed are approximate, you can do an Adventure Hunt whenever there is daylight.

Location (Old Town)

The start point for the Adventure Hunt in Old town is;

R. São Gonçalo de Lagos, 8200-061 Albufeira, Portugal

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Location (The Strip)

The start point for the Adventure Hunt on The Strip is;

Av. Sá Carneiro 14-50, Albufeira, Portugal

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Contact Adventure Hunt

To contact Adventure Hunt you can use email or Whats App.

+34666663451 (Whats App Only)