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Adventure Hunt is a New Outdoor Escape Room Experience.  Challenge Yourself!

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Escape Room Experience

Adventure Hunt is a new way to enjoy a walk and have some fun in the sun. Only 20€ per group, including 1 free T-shirt.

Adventure Hunt is an outdoor escape room experience with elements of scavenger hunts and treasure trails.  It uses features, landmarks, signs, and just about anything else to make interesting and fun puzzles for you to solve.

The Adventure Hunt App guides you from one puzzle to the next, providing hints and clues as you go.  The App is available on both Android and iPhone.

When you walk around it is common to see everything and remember nothing.  What was the name of the restaurant you just walked past?  Adventure Hunt challenges you in unexpected ways to tap into your memory.

You can easily look at things and see the obvious yet miss many of the details.  Adventure Hunt challenges you to see the whole picture.

It is easy to read just enough of a question to know what you think the answer is.  Find out how well you pay attention to detail and notice the subtle hints in the wording of questions.

But most of all, you and your family or friends can have some fun and enjoy a nice walk while solving some puzzles.  Don´t take our word for it – check out the reviews from our customers.

The recommended group size is 2-4 people so that everyone is actively involved.  If you are a larger group, we recommend splitting into two separate groups.  

Currently, Adventure Hunt is available in Tenerife in the towns of Costa Adeje and Los Abrigos. In the Algarve in Portugal we have Adventure Hunts in the towns of LagosLuzAlvor and Albufeira.



Adventure hunt includes free t shirt


Is This an escape room?

The puzzles are similar to some you will encounter in an escape room.  The big difference is that Adventure Hunt is outside and all of the puzzles use features, signs, and objects that are in plain view.  With Adventure Hunt you are outside enjoying the sun and views,  you can take a break as and when you like – there is no time limit.

Adventure Hunt does not have an “End Puzzle” that you are working towards solving. Every puzzle is part of the fun – enjoy them all!

Can we do this instead of a walking tour?

This is not a replacement for a historical or guided walk as the focus is on having fun rather than learning.  We do not include historical information in the app, though you are always free to take your time and read the signs and plaques the you come across.

Is AN Adventure Hunt suitable for families like Treasure Trails?

Yes, it is great for families.   We always try to make one of the options suitable for families.  Not every clue will be simple though, so the whole group will need to work together to solve all of the puzzles. 

Treasure Trails are an amazing adventure for families in the UK.  Our Adventure Hunts are all App based but, like Treasure Trails, focus on having fun and completely rely on your surroundings for the clues and puzzles.  If you enjoy one, you will enjoy the other.  Plus every Adventure Hunt includes a T-Shirt!

How hard are the clues?

This is a really difficult question!  Everyone sees things differently, so there is no easy answer to how hard the clues are.  Our thorough testing ensures you will never be faced with impossible puzzles.  If you have done an escape room or other outdoor puzzle games, then choose the longer or advanced options.  If you are a family group then you should choose the family option.  Otherwise, choose the standard option.

Can we do AN ADVENTURE HUNT from home?

You need to actually be at the correct location to be able to solve each clue.  We use local permanent features to make our clues, so without physically being at the location of a clue, you can´t solve it.

Is there a scoring system?

Each clue offers a maximum of 20 points, with deductions for each incorrect answer.  Using a hint has a small deduction only, so don´t avoid using it to the point where you become frustrated and give up. Above all, have fun and enjoy all of the clues, especially the element of working together as a group.

Can we challenge another group?

Yes, it is one of the fun ways to join in.  Live scores are available within the Adventure Hunt App. You will be able to see the scores of everyone doing the same hunt as you on the Clue Completed page. If you have several groups get in touch with us and we will provide logins so that all of your groups can start at the same time, on different puzzles.

When will there be an Adventure Hunt Escape Room Near Me?

We plan to add new routes in the best holiday towns in the near future.  We are looking for partners in fun towns, so if you live in a fun beach holiday town and are interested, then get in touch by email:!

Adventure Hunt Partners

Outdoor escape room pirate group

Dillon Art

Adventure Hunt are very happy to have chosen to work with DillonArt.  Our happy fun pirates are Gary´s creation.  As we grow, expect to see more pirates joining the team!