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A New Tenerife Escape Room Experience.  Challenge Yourself!

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Tenerife Escape Room Experience

Adventure Hunt is a new way to enjoy a walk and have some fun in the Tenerife sun. Only 20€ per group, including 1 free T-shirt.

Adventure Hunt Tenerife provides outdoor escape room experiences in Costa Adeje and Los Abrigos.  Adventure Hunt clues have similarities to scavenger hunts and escape rooms.  We use buildings, statues, information plaques, and your general surroundings to create engaging and enjoyable clues.

The Adventure Hunt App leads you from one problem to the next while giving you hints and clues along the way.  The App has been developed for both Android and iPhone

To ensure that everyone is actively involved, a group size of 2-4 individuals is advised. We suggest dividing into two different groups if you have a larger group.

Challenge yourself and have a great time with friends and family. 

Costa Adeje

The Costa Adeje Adventure Hunt takes in the boardwalks and areas around the waterfront from Playa El Bobo to Playa Fanabe.  The amazing views in this area make a great backdrop to our Costa Adeje Adventure Hunt.  

You can choose between the standard route with 21 clues spread over 2.6km or the extended route with 35 clues spread over 4.5km.  You should allow 1-2 hours for the standard route or 2-3 hours for the extended route.

A family route is also available suitable for children aged 8-12 when accompanied by one or more adults.  The clues are a little less cryptic in the family Adventure Hunt and the hints are a little more helpful.

The Costa Adeje Adventure Hunt, takes in the board walks and areas around the waterfront from Playa El Bobo to Playa Fanabe. Choose between the standard, family and advanced routes.  You can choose up to 4 T-shirts with your order.

  • You do not need to select a date or time.
  • You can do your Adventure Hunt at any time as the Adventure Hunt App guides you from clue to clue.
  • Your booking confirmation email includes all of the information needed to start your Adventure Hunt!

Los Abrigos

The Los Abrigos Adventure Hunt is FREE!  There are 8 clues spread over 400m from the church plaza to the harbour.  Ideal as a fun activity before dinner or lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area. 

The Los Abrigos Adventure Hunt is 100% FREE!  The route consists of 8 clues spread over 400m around the Los Abrigos main plaza and harbour.  It gives you a taste what Adventure Hunt is all about.


  • You do not need to select a date or time.
  • You can do your Adventure Hunt at any time as the Adventure Hunt App guides you from clue to clue.
  • Your booking confirmation email includes all of the information needed to start your Adventure Hunt!

Tenerife FAQ

Is Adventure Hunt Tenerife an escape room?

Yes and No.   

Answering the no first; it’s quite different in format – it is outside, there is no time pressure, and there is no final end goal to “Escape the Room”.

The yes is that there are many puzzles to solve and you need to work as a team to solve them.  We are confident that if you enjoy Escape Rooms then you will enjoy Adventure Hunt.


Is This new tenerife escape room experience suitable for families?

Yes, the route we have designed is fun for families.  There are lots of places to stop along the way for ice cream or a drink.  We have a full range of children’s T-Shirts sizes in Tenerife, so maybe add an extra one into your order so there is one for each of the children in your group. 

Choose the family option at checkout.

are the puzzles difficult?

The answer to this question is incredibly tricky! Our aim is for most groups to get half the clues wrong on the first attempt, but solve them after using the hint or a bit more thought.  Because everyone perceives things slightly differently, you will have the best success in a group of 2-4.

You won’t ever encounter an unsolvable puzzle since Adventure Hunt Las Americas has been rigorously tested. Select the 35+ clue route if you have more time and want to experience the full challenge.  For this route, it helps – but is not essential – if you have experience with escape rooms or other similar games.

Is there a final score?

There is no need to be too focused on your final score. Because the routes will change from time to time we are not maintaining a top scores leader board.  

Can we see the live score of our friends?

Our live scores page lets you track how your other groups are doing. We advise leaving a gap of 10 minutes between groups.

If you have several groups then please contact us.  We can arrange a custom setup so all of your groups can start at the same time, on different clues.

Is this the best escape room in Tenerife sur (South)?

It would be great to say yes, but there are some amazing Escape Rooms in Tenerife south. 

But why choose? Do Adventure Hunt Tenerife to warm up for an Escape Room!  Enjoy 2 hours of entertainment for the cost of a few drinks or ice creams.

Adventure Hunt Tenerife Partners

Old friends bar

Old Friends Bar

Regular pub quiz!

A friendly bar overlooking playa Bobo.  Stop by for a quick drink and stay for several.

Tfe logo square

Tenerife First Excursions

Tenerife First Excursions is the best place to book all of your holiday excursions – boat trips, jet skis, Teide tours, and everything else in between.  It is also the place to collect your Adventure Hunt Tenerife T-Shirt.

Live the Dream!



A great cafe opposite Aqualand in Costa Adeje.

Chair back circle stickers

Scallywags family show bar

The ONLY family entertainment bar in Tenerife! Pirate themed with mini discos, fun games & live music.

About Costa Adeje

Prior to Tenerife being colonized, Adeje served as the capital of the ancient Guanche kingdom. It was also the home of Tinerfe “the Great,” the final king or mencey of the Guanche people before the island was split into nine menceyatos (kingdoms). Today, Adeje is the latest addition to the slew of high-class resort areas on the island. Its current developments have come from the recent tourism boom and the need for space to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

More than just gorgeous sprawling beaches, Costa Adeje is also home to world-class entertainment and recreation. It houses Siam Park, one of the largest and best water parks in Europe, Golf Costa Adeje, a world-class 18-hole golf course, and many others to keep visitors at the tip of their toes. At night, the town transforms into a reflection of the night sky with dazzling lights from the luxurious resorts and neon signs.

Pitted against the backdrop of Tenerife’s natural beauty, Costa Adeje merges nature and human developments. Despite man-made encroachment, the picturesque town keeps to itself while respecting the environment it shares with the native flora and fauna. Streets are kept spotless, and beaches are left crystal clear. In fact, a lot of activities involve spotting Tenerife’s diverse marine life just off the coast of Costa Adeje.