All you need to start your Adventure Hunt is your Booking Reference, which starts AH, and your email address. 

We strongly suggest you install and log in to the app before you leave home. You can read through the first few screens and ensure everything works for you.  The app will direct you to the start of your adventure Hunt.  The download links for the app are below. Once you are logged in, you can read the instructions in the App and get a link to guide you to the start point.

While you are free to do your Adventure Hunt at any time, it’s best to plan on finishing before it gets dark, as some clues are very difficult without daylight. If you have a few moments, have a read of the other FAQ below.

We hope you enjoy your Adventure Hunt!

Adventure hunt google playstore


Adventure Hunt is available on the Google Play store.  Click the logo above to go directly to Adventure Hunt. 

Adventure hunt apple appstore

App Store

Adventure Hunt is available on the Apple App store.  Click the logo above to go directly to Adventure Hunt. 

Whatsapp logo


For any support issues please WhatsApp us on +34 666663451.  Click the above image to open WhatsApp directly.

I haven´t received a confirmation email

This could be be caused by a couple of things. 

First, check that it’s not caught up in spam or junk. We use office365 to send our emails, so this should be a very rare occurrence.

Second, perhaps the email you entered was slightly incorrect. Don´t worry, it’s still very easy to get started provided you recall the booking reference we provided at the time you placed your booking. If you know the reference, then simply follow the instructions at the top of this page. When you come to log in, just press next with any email address. After 3 attempts you will have the option to enter your name and a new email address. Please enter your name exactly as you did when placing the order.

If all of this fails, then send us a message on Whats app and we will investigate so that you can start your Adventure Hunt.

I have no Internet access on my phone. Can I do Adventure Hunt?

No.  To do your Adventure Hunt it is essential to have a connection to the Internet.  If you do not have access to a phone with Internet Access then you can request a refund.

My battery is flat, can I swap to another phone?

Yes, you can swap to another phone at any stage.  Just log in on the new phone and you will be taken to the directions for your next clue.

Can I take a break?

Yes, you can pause any time you like.  Adventure Hunt records your progress as you complete each clue.  When you are ready to go again, just login and you will be taken to the directions for your next clue.

Are there hints available?

Yes, for most clues there is a hint available after your first incorrect attempt.  The hint also appears after a set amount of time on each clue.  Using a hint deducts 2 points from your score for that clue.

Can I skip a clue?

Yes.  Just double tap the Next button and you will be moved on to the next clue.

My GPS is jumping around, what can I do?

On the directions page, you have an option to tap on the Adventure Hunt logo, navigate using Google Maps and then step on to solve the clue.